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hoa introduction video

Check out the first in a series of videos we are having produced. This one is a basic overview of the many services Best Fit Solutions has to…

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    How To Run a Successful HOA Board Meeting

    group listening at hoa meeting

    I came across this incredible article on leading a homeowners association board meeting. Not everyone knows how to lead a meeting. I know because I’ve sat through some really boring ones, quite a few unnecessary ones, and a couple out of control meetings.

    Whether you lead HOA board meetings in Houston, College Station, or around the country, this article will be very insightful. Enjoy!


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      Present Perfect Monthly Financials to Your Boards

      board room financials

      This article by Nancy Marry (original article) provides some very valuable insight to a sometimes touchy subject. People want to get to the information fast. And what seems logical to one person may not be to another. “How to Present Perfect Monthly Financials to Your Boards” does a fantastic job of breaking down vital pieces of information so that you can get your HOA board or community…

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