Total Financial Transparency

We Believe In Complete Transparency

One of the things that sets Best Fit Solutions, LLC apart other community association management services is we believe in total financial transparency. Always have. Wouldn’t do business any other way.

Every single invoice is approved by the Board and there are no “automatically” approved payments.  All designated Board Members will receive an email with every electronically stored invoice for their review and approval prior to payment.  We don’t have check signing privileges or access to any bank account, that is reserved solely for the Association, as it should be.   Too many stories in the news about financial agents running off with other people’s money.  All receipts and disbursements are available to view online 24/7 by the Board Members.

Anyone on your HOA board can see your financial picture 24/7. We provide the board members that you give access to with a username and password that enables them to see detailed reports on your finances anytime, day or night.  No guessing as to how much money the association has at any given moment.  Print out financials that are up to date and current to the minute.

We will provide you with the name and phone number of current clients so you can talk with them. We’ve got wonderful testimonies from clients that have been with us over sixteen years, but we’ll go one better–we’ll let you talk to some of our clients and ask beforehand what it’s like to do business with Best Fit Solutions.

Call us at (713) 598-3022 to see how we can start helping your homeowner association.

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