Whether you have a collection policy or need one completed, we can help increase your collection efforts. We understand this is usually the least enjoyable responsibility a homeowners association has.

Our experience in working with community associations for over twelve years assures our clients we handle each and every situation with professionalism and the necessary attention to detail.

Best Fit Solutions Collections for Homeowner Associations

With that said, we all know that collections are the lifeblood of the homeowner association. Without a sound, common sense approach to collections that’s in compliance with state laws, your association could suffer in this critical area. We have the experience and capability of implementing, reporting and monitoring sound collection efforts of delinquent homeowner accounts. All the while, we maintain professionalism throughout the entire process, from issuing monthly letters to the eventual involvement of an outside attorney.

We understand the importance of collecting funds owed and give it our utmost attention whether accounts are in bankruptcy, properties being foreclosed upon, homeowners needing payment plans, or just slow payers. Let us help you stay within the laws while maximizing your hoa collection efforts.